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My school –my life Extracts: School

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Growing up in two different communities has had a huge impact in my life. I moved from Bell Gardens to Norwalk when I was 9 years old. Although I was fairly young when I moved, I could still remember every detail about the childhood that I had in Bell Gardens. In the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry, there is a society that is portrayed as the ideal utopia. The citizens of this community choose to live in a very systematic and repetitive fashion and dismiss any behaviors that…

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However, school life is the best time in human life. During this time, we experience physical development, emotions, friendships, relationships, and especially knowledge but I was beyond those expectations in school life. Sometimes we never really learn from the first mistake or the second or third. It only hits us when were given the last chance. Attending school for a good time not to do work. After every class I had to meet up my coordinator or my teacher for detention after school but I hated…

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Karen Silva.
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Period. 7

Cultural differences are the variations in the way of life, beliefs, traditions and laws between different countries, religions, societies and people. Many people see culture as an all encompassing overview of large groups of people. However, the word culture can be used to describe the way of life of much smaller groups.

My aunt Celia Ruiz, moved to Los Angeles California from D.F Mexico for many amounts of reasons. She first set foot in American grounds…

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In today’s world there is a great amount of people who are living a life of poverty. Which causes hunger or sickness to many of their lives. These people generally do not have a home, job, or even a family. From my personal life experience I have noticed that it is common for those who grew up with nothing to appreciate everything they have. The writer Johnathan once stated “Regardless of where we are, or what we may be doing, there is always something in our life worth appreciating”…

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Bullying in schools is believed to be a normal part of school life, however, when people begin to have this mentality, they forget that bullying is physically and psychologically harmful to both the bully and the victim. Children who are bullied are not to blame for attacks against them. In some cases, a child who is bullied sometimes ends up bullying others. These children often respond to being bullied by feeling anxious and aggressive. Without knowing how to handle these feelings, they target…

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Last day at school – Saying good
bye to my school days

My last day at school is one the most
refreshing memories that I cherish till today.
It was one of those auspicious days, when I
found myself stepping into a new world with a
new horizon. I was leaving the secure portals of
my school where I had spent ten/twelve
cherishing years of my life. Time has just
flown! It seemed that I had just joined school
the other day and now it was time to finally say
good-bye to my school life. I was sad to leave
school, but at the same time was excited to meet
new challenges in life ahead of me. The vivid
pictures of my Principal, teachers, friends,
classroom, library, the school anthem, sports
day ceremony, prize distribution day, the
examination hall, the games room, the staff room
was all just flashing through my mind. Life was
going to change once and for all!

On the last day of school I remember my mother
waking me up at 7:00 a.m. in the morning to get
ready to walk down my school premises one last
time. The previous day, a notice was sent to the
classroom mentioning about a passing out
ceremony. On listening to the notice a deep
sadness came over me and my batch mates as from
the next day, we would be parting ways. But we
all cheered up and started making plans on ways
and means of celebrating our passing out
ceremony to the fullest. Once Mr. Barry, our
English teacher finished reading the notice,
there was a loud uproar in the classroom in joy
and excitement.

I was all set to take the last day of school in
my stride and so were my friends and classmates.
I got my scrap book, note book etc ready to take
autographs and write down a few memorable lines
about teachers, staff and friends. This would be
a priceless treasure in the near future. Some of
the students brought video cameras as well to
record some exciting and memorable moments
together for the last time. Our final
examinations were over and the results were

The auspicious day began with a class assembly
at 8:30 am in the morning in the school
auditorium. The entire school was present
including the Principal, Vice Principal,
teachers, staff and students to felicitate us. I
was feeling so important for the first time in
my life. The students of class twelve was asked
to sit in the first two rows in the auditorium.
The programme began with a welcome speech by
Akash Modi, the outgoing school captain. It was
a wonderful speech where he spoke about several
touching moments in our years of school. He
thanked the teachers for their love, guidance,
care and support that they extended to us for
twelve long years. The welcome speech was
followed by a beautiful song by some of our
juniors. Our Geography teacher Mr. Roy then
spoke about some cherishing moments in the
classroom. Several other teachers also said many
beautiful things about us. The words brought
tears to my eyes. The assembly concluded with
the Principal wishing us all the very best for
our future endeavours and releasing the School
Year Book. Each of us was given a copy of the
year book, a nice souvenir and some

After the school assembly, I met the Principal
in his office and took a photograph with him. I
requested him to pen a few lines in my scrap
book, to which he delightedly obliged. I then
went and met the Vice Principal who inspired me
with some great words of wisdom and
encouragement. The next in line were some of our
fondest teachers who had really taught and
supported us selflessly throughout our school
life. I met my teachers in the staff room and
some of them wrote some very encouraging lines
in my scrap book. I managed to click a
photograph with my teachers. Last, but not the
least I went and thanked the office staff and
bearers who also had an important role to play
in my school life.

It was now time to greet my friends and
classmates good bye for one final time. I was
taking my scrap book to all my friends
requesting them to write a few lines. All of us
were busy greeting and wishing each other.
Cameras were continuously flashing and it seemed
we would have clicked every moment, if only it
were possible! Then we started putting our
autographs on each other’s uniforms for the last
time. I still have my uniform with all my
friends’ comments and signatures on it. We then
hugged each other with a loud uproar for the
last and final time along the school corridors
and stepped out of the portals so dear.

The last day of school is one of the most
cherished days of my life. It was a turning
point in my life which was filled with both joy
and grief. I was sad to leave to my friends and
teachers with whom I had associated and shared
some wonderful moments of my life. I was happy
that my school had formed me and taught me to
accept new challenges in life. I was sad to
leave school; but the last day of school marked
a new beginning in my life – I would now enter

You can create many more essays / short
stories based on the above, namely: ESSAY on

1. Last day at school
2. Good bye to my school days
3. Happy and sad moments
4. Occasions that touched my life
5. Events that changed my life
6. stepping into a new world
7. marching towards a new horizon
8. saying good-bye to my school life
9. meet new challenges in life
10. last loud uproar along the school corridors

11. final uproar along the school corridors
12. updating my school scrap book
13. my scrap book
14. most cherished days of my life
15. It was a turning point in my life
16. Scrap books are a source of delight
17. Scrap books are a source of dejection
18. Scrap books are memory lanes
19. new beginning in my life
20. I would now enter College

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