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CNA/CMT Instructor/Examiner
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Lincoln Hall Rm. 144

Individuals wanting to be certified as a CNA Examiner must attend the train-the-trainer course. This training course is conducted by a Long-Term Care Association. The applicant must meet the following qualifications to become an examiner:

Learn the methodology of administering final examinations of the Missouri State approved nurse assistant and medication technician training curriculum. The class provides the Registered Nurse instructor an opportunity to sign an agreement with the State of Missouri to become a State Examiner. The revised “Nurse Assistant in a Long Term Care Facility” instructor’s manual must be brought to the workshop.

  • A Registered Nurse (RN) licensed in Missouri or in possession of a temporary permit from the Missouri State Board of Nursing. The licensee shall not be subject to current disciplinary action;and
  • A minimum of two (2) years of nursing experience and at least one (1) year experience in provision of LTC facility services within the last five (5) years

The applicant must attend the state approved examiner train-the-trainer course and sign an agreement with the department agreeing to keep the final examinations secure. When the individual has successfully completed the course their name will be added to the Department’s CNA Examiner Registry.

There are special stipulations for the CNA Examiner. The examiner must be qualified to teach the CNA course but cannot be the instructor of the students who are taking the exam. Also, the examiner must not be an employee of the facility whose students are being tested. You are responsible for updating your personal information contained on the registry. You may change your personal information by completing the Registry Update form.

Fee includes required materials. Will need a letter from the State of Missouri DHSS allowing you to sit for the training class.

Class is held on Mondays 8:00am – 12Noon and Tuesdays 8:00am – 5:00pm

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